In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a website for a band. This is a web design tutorial for the Divi theme. Check out Divi for yourself (affiliate link)

Tools and Website used in this video:

Divi Theme (affiliate link:

CSS Code to create a full window height section:

Even more information about window and viewport settings:

Fun with Viewport Units

CSS Code Gradient Generator:

Get images to use on your website:

For making album covers or any kind of graphic layouts easily.

How to re-style the count down module:

How to Style Divi’s Countdown Timer Module with Simple Elegance

How to stack items or make items look like one is behind another using z-index:

Skip ahead to the website design tips that you want:

Create a full height section: 7:14

Add a video background 23:17

The Biography section with items placed behind other items using css: 29:17

In this web design tutorial and divi theme tutorial I’ll walk you thru how to create a band website.

I tried to incorporate some fun elements into the design that you could apply to any kind of website.