DIPL CMD talks about Web Design as a career.

Ritesh Saxena, Chairman and Managing Director of Digital Ideaz, was invited to talk about web design career on A1 Tehelka TV channel.

He told the viewers about the things to consider for paving inroads for a career in Web Design. Firstly, there are many avenues one can use to take a job. There are freelancing sites such as score500.com, odesk etc to work from the comfort of our home or be hired in a digital agency.

Ritesh emphasized on how web designing is ever changing. A better designer ensures he is equipped with the latest trends and weed out the outdated ones. A web design should reflect the brand values of the company. Failing to do so will result in a crappy job.
It depends on the designer whether he wants to get a degree in designing. The priority of every designer should be to build an amazing portfolio. Any prospective employer will first look at the portfolio before making the hiring decision. The last but equally critical tip is to acquire a thorough understanding of the coding languages which encompass web designing. A fundamental knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript is needed to build a site whereas PHP is needed for the functionality. Don’t forget Photoshop as it is designer’s best asset.