– TOP 10 Tips For A Successful Website.

1. Identify Objectives

Understand what you are aiming for with your website and be very clear as to what you want when you brief your designer.

Do you want increased sales, maybe raise brand awareness or perhaps reduce the number of support calls into your business?

2. Know Your Brand

Your corporate identity is one of your most valuable assets. It is as important to your business as your product or services!

Ensure that your website aptly reflects this and portrays the correct company image.

3. Learn From Mistakes

If you are re-vamping an old website, ensure that your new one overcomes the problems or weaknesses of the old one.

Bear in mind what has worked well with your previous website and consider how that can be developed further.

4. Measure Success

Investigate ways in which you can monitor and measure how your new website is performing.

Google analytics can provide you with detailed reports any of your indexed web pages.

5. Find Your Targets

Use your new website!

For example, will they be individuals living in a particular area? Will they be small companies? or will they be users who require specific content to be available via your website?

6. Push Your USP’s

Discover what makes you different to your competitors and use your new website to promote your USP’s (Unique Selling Points).

Ensure that the content you display on your website conveys these clearly and effectively!

7. Research Competitors

Find out about your competitors, their characteristics, marketing methods. Perhaps even buy their products or services to compare.

Above all check out their website. Invent new and unique ways that you can do business online better than them.

8. Plan Maintenance

To satisfy the needs of both customers and search engines your website must be updated regularly with new content.

Out of date, worthless content can be harmful. So before your new website is built decide who will look after it day to day.

9. Marketing Strategy

Even the best website in the world is totally useless if nobody can find it on the internet.

Develop a marketing strategy and Investigate the most effective ways to advertise your website so that it can be found by your target audience.

10. Hang In There

A presence on the internet using your new website takes time to develop and to attain top rankings in the search engines.

It often entails lots of trial & error but be patient as persistence will usually pay dividends in the end.


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