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Hi, I’m Phil Donaldson, founder of Anyware Web Marketing, and we get that you are busy. We understand that sometimes it takes all your energy just to battle your tidal wave of emails, respond to all your clients and keep them happy, find your next customer, pay your bills, manage and pay your team, comply with all the demands from Inland Revenue, ACC and who ever else demands money and time from you, not to mention doing some actual marketing now and then. Seriously, congratulations for just being here. You’re doing great!

The trouble with being so busy is that your business growth can flatline because you have no time to work on adding new sources of business. New sources of customers. Your growth curve ends up looking a bit like this.

Even worse, if you have to go out and find each customer, well don’t bother getting sick! Your growth goes backwards!
This happened to me a while ago. I got a nasty flu and I was off sick for 2 nearly weeks. I thought I’d have to push start my marketing machine and build up that momentum all over again.
Before I got sick I had set up a simple automated marketing system on our web site, which sent follow up emails to new prospects. And then I completely forgot about it.
As my flu started to clear, I checked my email one day and found an email from a guy I’d never heard of. He was thanking me for being so proactive. My brain was still trying to change out of neutral and I’d forgotten about my automated system. It took me a while to figure out that this was somebody who had visited my web site, added himself to my automated marketing machine and had been receiving emails from it. He didn’t even know they were automated. All of this while I wasn’t there.

And so for me, I’d just added another source of leads to my business. My graph was growing and the best part was that it worked while I wasn’t even there.

New sources of business come in all shapes and forms. For you maybe video is a good place to start. When done right, video creates powerful engagement with your prospects and it helps establish you as the trusted expert. And because they get to meet you, they get to know you and like you as well as trust you.
And everybody wants to buy from the person they know, like and trust. It’s like sending your clone to sales meetings while you’re at the beach.

If you need a quick shot in the arm of new customers then Google Adwords could be worth a look. You’ve probably heard about how expensive Adwords can be, but it can also be a fast and cost effective source of new business. When managed well and optimised properly!

And of course, we can’t forget good old search engine optimisation. Organic rankings. It’s best not to put ALL your eggs in Google’s basket, because they often change the rules. I’m sure you heard of the big Google slap. But for many businesses this can still be a golden goose if you have something worthwhile to tell your customers. Content is still very much king. Especially when you share it through video. Each keyword you rank well for can be it’s own source of customers.

If you’ve managed to implement even one of these thing, I have to congratulate you. You’re doing better than most. But if you want your graph to be constantly growing, then you need to give your marketing constant attention. That’s why we’ve created the Anyware Growth Plan. For a set monthly budget, we’ll apply constant improvement to your marketing machine. Starting with an evaluation to identify the fastest and most cost effective way forward for your business. This may involve all of the methods I’ve mentioned here or something completely different. We’ll help you figure out what that is for your business. The point is, your marketing machine will be constantly tested, tuned and improved.

Now keep in mind that this process does not work for everyone.
If you expect us to wave our magic wand and give you instant results for everything we try, well we’re good, but there are no magic pills. This process requires work and testing to find out what works well for your business. But you won’t have to spend time and energy to drive that testing. We will.

But if your business is here for the long haul. If you’re looking for long term results, not short term fixes, then we’d love to help you figure out what’s the next thing that can help your business grow the fastest.

You know, I really enjoy Anyware’s annual BBQ. Sitting around, clients chatting. Telling each other how much their businesses have grown since we got stuck into their web sites and their marketing machines. I look forward, to hearing YOUR story next year.

Thanks for watching, and I’ll catch you in the next video.

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