Step to Becoming a Better Web Designer
Becoming a Web Designer is about more than Learning HTML Code or WYSIWYG Tools. It’s not about your favorite app or editor.
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At it’s core Web Design is about building a Website that has to perform a task. That might me the Website has to sell a product or service or market and idea. Your clients can’t afford for you to be romantic and caught up in your own idea of what Web Design is.

To become a good or great Web Designer, you have to understand actual Design and on some level Marketing. You have to understand what a good website looks like and how to build one. Which means learning to copy and reproduce the best websites out there in order to learn the process.

Many artist will tell you that they learned by drawing what they saw, not using their imagination. Some even learned by tracing to the muscle memory down to be able to draw in that style or make those types of shapes naturally. That is part of the process of the work.

Studying good web design, mimic good web design, deconstruct and analyze good web design, then when you understand, you can execute on good web design from scratch yourself.

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