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Design Tips for a Clutter Free Website

Hello, my name is Nathalie Walpole here at TinyFrog Technologies and today I’ll be talking about keeping your website dynamic and clutter-free at the same time. So one quick case study is we had a client who blogs a lot and their industry just has a lot of news and events. They wanted to present those on their homepage. And they wanted to present maybe three or four different blog posts or three or four different events just within the homepage.

So how do we do that without making it too cluttered? Here is one example, so this area on this homepage is for recent blog feeds, you can have up to three or four for this specific client, and all you have to do – you see those four little dots you click on the second dot and it will go to the next post. You click on the third one and it’s really just taking up such a small space on the website too where you’re not looking at three to four or five different blogs all in a row, but everything’s just kind of been in one place.

So if you’d like to keep your website dynamic and clutter-free give us a call – TinyFrog Technologies.