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I pronounced Matej’s name wrong, and I’m pretty sure I did the same with Alice’s. Sorry 🙂

LEARN: WebFlow University
Webflow University is a library of crash courses on Web Elements, CSS Styling, CMS and Dynamic content, Flexbox, and the in and outs of how to use Webflow. It’s a massive learning resource with really detailed videos on everything you need to learn Web Design.

TYPE: Better Typography for a Better Web
Better Web Typography is an easy-to-follow web typography email course for web designers & web developers.

RESOURCE: Desktop Kit
Facebook released Desktop Kit, a GUI starter kit for building web and desktop applications. This resource is great if you’re building a user flow through a web app or constructing a Mac interface. Michelle Morrison, designer at Facebook and part of the team that made this resource is here to tell us more about it.

INSPIRATION: Product Graveyard
Product Graveyard is a place for commemorating the most exciting products that have gone away. It lists the products in different categories, the cause of death, and it offers alternatives to the deceased software. In the product design category, we saw the beloved and missed app Fireworks and the prototype tool Pixate, which got acquired by Google but then was shut down. What happened?

The illustrator of the week is Alice Mollon. Alice’s work has a straightforward and energetic style. She creates illustrations with characters, stickers, and animations that feel alive and jump from their rich, vibrant colors. Alice is here to tell us more about herself while we contemplate her work.

NEWS: Dribbble releases Scout
Dribbble released Scout, a way to find designers that match what recruiters are looking for by giving them tools to search by different criteria like skills, experience, rate, and location.
Some of the top designers on Dribbble were not happy with this change. There were some worries about the logic behind the default list, many anticipating a drop-off in job inquiries. Some designers are preoccupied about the 0 a month price for this service, some feel like all the work they have put into their dribbble accounts over the years, continuously uploading shots, and building an audience will now be in vain.

NEWS: Design Inc Shuts Down
Design Inc was a marketplace to help companies find and work with great designers. Founder and designer Marc Hemeon wrote about the success and failure of the company sharing the story of the company, the lessons he learned and thanking the people with whom he worked.


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