Learn how to create a Blog or News website with the amazing Newspaper8 Theme. In this tutorial I will show you how to import pre made demo’s and adjust them to your wishes! In that way you can create a website within a few hours!

Demo website: http://newspaper8.com
Get webhosting: http://webhosting124.com
Get the Newspaper theme: http://ferdykorpershoek.com/newspaper-theme/

In the beginning of the tutorial I will show you the website we are going to make. After that I will talk you through the costs that are involved. A domain name, webhosting and the theme. Then we will start getting a domainname and webhosting. Then we will install WordPress, clean up our WordPress website and get and install the Newspaper theme. We activate the theme, choose a demo we want and take a look at all the settings in the theme panel: Header, Footer, Template Settings, Categories, Post Settings, Translations, Colors, Custom Codes and more.

We will take a look at Sidebar widgets, create the contact page and adjust the menu, about page and create a new blogpost.

Overview of the course:

0:00:00 Overview of the website we will make
0:02:31 Overview of demo’s you can use
0:03:01 Overview of the costs
0:03:38 Get a domainname and webhosting
0:07:53 Install WordPress
0:09:23 Clean Up Your WordPress Website
0:13:30 Get the Newspaper Theme
0:14:39 Install the Newspaper Theme
0:16:36 Install one of the 25+ demo’s
0:21:58 Adjust the website to your wishes
0:22:26 Adjust the Header Settings
0:27:01 Adjust the Footer Settings
0:29:59 Adjust the Social Media Settings
0:31:55 Adjust the Template Settings
0:37:09 Adjust the Categores Settings
0:41:43 Adjust the Post Settings
0:47:00 Adjust the Background Settings
0:47:55 Adjust the Excerpts Settings
0:48:51 Adjust the Translation Settings
0:50:01 Adjust the Theme Colors Settings
0:53:12 Adjust the Theme Fonts Settings
0:56:09 Adjust the Custom Code Settings

0:57:29 Adjust the Menu
1:01:18 Adjust the Sidebar and Widgets
1:05:56 Create the Contact Page
1:07:57 Create a new Sidebar
1:09:19 Change the About Page
1:11:08 Adjust the Footer Area
1:13:38 Create a Blogpost
1:17:32 Thank you!