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Setting up your website is extremely important and a lot of people do this wrong, right from the get go, because they haven’t really thought this through. The basics are, you have your logo off in, usually, in the upper left. The name of your website right up top. This is pretty basic stuff right now. You have your menu tree. Different ways of formatting in that. And then you have your footer. And then you actually have the body of this here.

Now this is where things get really important. And what you have to consider is you want to have here right up at the top here, right at the very beginning is, “What’s in it for me?” is one answer right away to the user. “What are you all about?”

You only have two or three seconds. Two to three seconds to tell people what your website’s about.What are you about: Two to three seconds, and that includes the load time.

So if you have a slow-loading website, and it takes two seconds to load, you have split seconds to get the information across. You need to make sure you answer right away, very, very clearly, concisely, in a short amount of time. Because, again, two to three seconds, “What is your website about?”

Then you address, “How are you going to help them?” Okay. Really, what is the difference you’re gonna induce? So, you start from the “What do you do?” and “How do you do it?”

Then you talk about “Who?” Start building up that reason why they should start listening to you because you’ve grabbed their interest because you answered that “What? What do you do?” Okay, that’s interesting. That’s what I wanted to learn. Okay, that’s how you do it. Who the heck are you? Why should I even listen to you because I’ve heard all the other websites, seen all these other websites. What makes you different? When? When does it apply? When is the information gonna help me apply this? These two can get switched around sometimes, but when is this applicable to me? When is it important for me to do this? And then where? Where do I start next? How do I get started? And, really, if you think of things on your websites in this kind of structure here.

Think of it this way, you grab the attention right away, saying what you do. And then you pull them in. And then that thought process…if you can think of a thought process going down here, you want to transition them down to the bottom of the page, where you actually have your final call to action.
Your call to action at the end here is to have them take action, obviously to whatever it is you wanna have them do. So, think of it that way. You want to have the whole thing laid out, like, it really is, like, a giant landing page from start to finish. And so, having these different basic elements in there. And then, of course you have your footer and so on. There’s a lot of different personal preferences for that. But, you want to have all of that stuff when you consider this.

Well, I hope this video helps. Stay tuned for my next video.

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Video: Mike Marko – Basic Website Design Tips