– A couple simple tweaks will make a big difference in your website content that will make a big difference for your website design.

Albuquerque Website Design – Tips for Formatting Content

If your website is not getting as many visits as you were hoping for, it’s worth checking your page to see if it has a few critical elements. These elements help you rank better in SEO, and if you rank high there, the chance of visits from the very people looking for your product or service is more likely to increase. This is an easy thing to fix in your Albuquerque website design.
Catchy Headline
Your website should have a catchy headline. The headline is the first thing that lures your visitors onto your web page. It tells visitors what they can expect to find on your website when they finally get there.
In your code, you should enclose the headline with H1 tags, or “heading one” tags. H1 tags can improve your search engine ranking. As a best practice, you should only have one H1 tag.
Supporting Image
Most people are visual—that’s why using images on your web page or blog posts make them more appealing and attractive. The image that you use should be closely related to your topic to further enhance your message. Use images that capture emotion.
When you add an image, it should also be optimized as well. Add a title, description, and alt tags. Don’t forget to add related keywords too, especially in the description, as users usually search for images in search engines.
Related Links
Add value to your posts by linking to your own pages and posts and to other third-party links. Links help provide more awareness on related topics. Plus, linking to other pages indirectly benefits your SEO.
For example, when third-party site owners notice that you have linked to them, they may acknowledge you and share your content.
If you have a few minutes, go over to your website and check if you have these three critical elements. If you don’t, then it’s time to give your page a do-over with your Albuquerque website design company.

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