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Things I Wish I Knew when I started Web Development / Web Design

1. The most significant fact i wish i knew is probably that the web industry is constantly evolving, design trends constantly change, programming languages and frameworks constantly change and so on. You as a web geek need to keep up with these trends otherwise you will be left behind, and that’s the consequence of change. Like the greek philosopher said, the only constant in life is change. I think this one fits like a glove in this context.

1. So a solution for this matter would be make a habit of reading articles, watching a youtube show in the morning while sipping the coffee and maybe before sleeping, read a book or something. What I recommend, I recently found a tool that I’m in love, it’s called Panda and it’s an extension for chrome and mozilla, i will link it in the description below I think they are still in beta now and basically transforms your new tab from your web browser into article feed that you choose. It’s perfect when you want to take a break for like 10 minutes, it also has a todo built it!

2. The second and as important as the previous one is Stop doing free work! I know how it feels to be a beginner in the field and you feel like you your work isn’t valuable yet but trust me you don’t want to make an habit of doing free work for random people! Don’t get me wrong, I still help people with basic stuff like buying a domain or setting the host but basically anything related to exclusive work need to have a price tag. You are allowed to charge less but in the end you want that feeling of gratitude and accomplishment that you made something with your brain

3. Another fact that I wish I knew is understand more before actually working. If you have worked on a big project before you probably can relate. So what I tell to the people that i work with, being employees or clients. Lets take some time first to understand the project completely, let me ask you a ton of questions before actually starting working and the time spent on understanding i assure you it will pay off. Even if you are a business owner, tell kindly to your employees to ask as many questions as they want before actually starting coding/designing.

4. Embrace criticism and learn from that.I think this one has also been said by some youtubers as well i think it’s crucial to keep in mind, you want people to critique your code or design, you don’t want people to awkwardly say that looks great, you want people to tell what they don’t like, what they like about your work

5. And lastly don’t compare your work with others because you might get discouraged. To only constructive way of comparing your code/design with others is thinking like you might get better at it. If you think it is too complicated, they had the same problem, you just need to practice and learn from that