Top 10 Web Design Tips for Your Website

Here are my top 10 web design tips for your website whether it be personal or business. Video includes do’s and don’ts on content, design, and ways to market your products and services.

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1.6. Optimizing for Performance – Web Design Tips

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– [Voiceover] In this video I just want to share a few general web design tips around performance. Things that might be helpful later on. One of the first things I suggest to people when they design websites is, if you’re going to build a bigger site or work with a team it’ll probably be a good idea to do something called Wireframe. Now you can do this in Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, any program you have, and Wireframe is essentially kind of how things interact. The hierarchy of contents, how things are going to generally work or look on a page, but it doesn’t technically include things like fonts, colors, the actual design elements necessarily, okay.

This is an example of and what we can do is you can actually take content and start to work with it a little bit out here so we can do things like you know, put drop downs, put in text, placeholders, tell where a picture’s going to go, etcetera. I can delete content, move content around pretty easily. The whole idea is we’re trying to get the idea of where things are going to work and how they’re going to work together. There’s a lot of examples of this, like Wireframes CC, a big one is Axure, so you can use this one. A lot of bigger companies will actually use this.

These are just a few examples of the many wireframing and some actually take it as far as prototyping, which essentially means you can take the wireframe and add interactivity to it just to show how something might work. This can also be a great way before you go you know design in Photoshop or build the site itself, to figure out if something is too complex like an animation, or you know a video page or something like that, that may slow the loading of the page. Another thing that can help performance when you design is to design to a grid.

Now that doesn’t mean that we’re just trying to make everything look the same across the web, it means that we’re designing to a fluid grid or something that’s already in code, for instance. If you’ve ever heard of Twitter Bootstrap or WordPress themes or, you know different starting points for an actual site. A lot of that code has built-in columns. If we design to those columns, it can actually be easier for the developer or the person creating it, once they get a design. It can also make it so that things are a little bit more uniform and there might be less code to achieve a design.

So for instance in Photoshop, if I come up here to File, I could say New, come in and pick Artboards, for instance and I can choose from different sizes if I want to. I could say iPhone 6 right here. Click OK. And the great thing about a lot of these programs that we can work with, especially let’s say Photoshop, is if I come into View you can see New Guide Layout. By choosing this, this is later versions of Photoshop CC. We can set guides up to design to across all Artboards or selected Artboards and pick how many columns we want to design to for instance.

In this same vein, what we want to do in a lot of these programs is we want to be able to convey responsive design. This can cut down in the number of elements you use and potentially make loading faster, we can use Artboards. In Photoshop if I click on the Artboard name here, which I started with, I can go and click on a plus and create another Artboard for myself. This Artboard then can change size, orientation, and more. That makes it so we can have different sizes, different orientations in the same Photoshop file, allowing us to work a little bit smarter.

Something else we want to do is we want to maintain consistency. If you’re going to use a font, let’s say a font right up here, instead of using Bebas Neue Regular, Bebas Neue Condensed, Bebas Neue, you know Condensed Italic, you know all these, like 15 different versions of a single font, we’re going to try and be a little more consistent with our formatting. That’s going to cut down on the number of fonts that load, how things work across the site as a matter of fact. We’re also going to try and make sure that the colors we use are consistent. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a site and I come to an object like this gray box right here and if I go and look at it and look at the color, it might be a different shade or different RGB value than the same gray box further down the page.

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Introduction to Web Design ( Hindi / Urdu ) Episode #1

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Joomla! – Web Design Tips Advice

Joomla! is a free open source content management system for blogging and web design. Joomla has alot of great features..

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Breaking News: “Long Island Best Website Design” 2015 [News]

Breaking News: “Long Island Best Website Design” 2015 [News]

What is web design? And who was named as the “Long Island Best Website Design”?

Web design is a procedure of conceptualizing, preparing, as well as building a collection of digital data that figure out the layout, colors, text styles, structure, graphics, images, and use of interactive features that deliver pages to your website visitors.

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Web design is comparable to standard print posting. Web designers usually offer HTML, CSS as well as graphics services as well as develop visually focused websites. They are normally able to simplify the language of the web to make it possible for even the most technophobia individual to develop a site.

How to do web design?

Web designers make use of a variety of process and also strategies when designing and developing web sites. They will often use four or five computer system process when undertaking a web design project. As an example they may utilize a graphics process, an HTML editor, a script editor (for JavaScript or PHP or ASP) and also any type of variety of other programs.

How does web design service in Long Island, NY help businesses?

A business can design an internet site that allows them to provide their users information about their products and services. They can provide updates and news about their company as well as information about special deals and advertisings. Updating a website on a daily basis will keep users returning to their website. Visitors will become accustomed to the business as well as their services and products.

Breaking News: “Long Island Best Website Design” 2015 [News]

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how to create clock in javascript – web design tips

This tutorial demonstrates how to create a digital clock in Javascript and insert it to HTML webpage. I have used Date() function of Javascript and extracted hours, minutes and seconds information on different variables.

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CAREERS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN – Certification Courses,Diploma,B.A,M.A in Visual Arts,Salary Package

CAREERS IN GRAPHIC DESIGN.Go through the career opportunities of GRAPHIC DESIGN, Govt jobs and Employment News channel from – The No.1 job portal for freshers in India. Visit for detailed Career information,Job openings details of GRAPHIC DESIGN.
Graphic design is a process which involves process of visual communication and problem solving with the help of space, type and image. It involves overlapping skills of visual communication and communication design and therefore, the term ‘Graphic design’ is in use.

Graphic designers use a variety of visual media like shapes, fonts, colour on print design to convey messages. They are required in many industries like Advertisements, Web designing, Print Industry or Film making. It is an individual’s profession, rather than a team work. More than educational qualifications, thrust is given on individual skills, creativity and genius. The skills used in graphic designing are Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, 2D, 3D designing, Art direction, Colour theory, typography, print and editorial design etc.
In general, Graphic designers work with images as well as with text forms in order to create a design which is appealing to eyes and gives some message. This could be included in any brochures, logos, advertisements and websites. The images which are included in work are photographs, paintings and output of digital media.

Various Colleges, Academies and Institutes in India provide various courses on Graphic Design in India. The courses include Certification and Diploma courses in Graphic Design, Multimedia & Graphics, Graphics & Animation, Advertising and Commercial Arts. There is Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphics design or Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics. Post graduation in arts (MA) is available in Visual Arts and Animation.

Graphic designers can get an opportunity to work with any Graphic designer firm. Graphic designing is a growing industry and talented people are hunted. A benefit of working in a designing firm is that one gets exposed to variety of work and of several clients, at the same time. Some companies who have an auxiliary branch of graphic designing hire Graphic designers on work basis. Even working as a freelance Graphic Designer is also a lucrative and challenging job after gaining good amount of experience in this field. Companies or institutions like newspaper, magazines, publishers, restaurants, museums or organisations involved in any kind of public display surely have requirements for Graphic designers. Alternative jobs like logo designing, advertisement designing, photography editing, book & magazine layout arts, illustrators or art direction can be taken up by a Graphic designer.

A fresh Graphic designer may start with 1.5 to 2 lakhs per annum. However, a professionally experienced one can get a good remuneration, depending upon his employer. Working with a renowned firm also includes bonus, profit sharing and other perks along with the salary.

The Indian Graphic design firms are Skyy, Design parichay, Liquid designs, Zero designs, etc. The Internationally recognised graphic design firms are many but to name a few top designer firms, they are Pentagram, Landor, Meta Design, Saffron Band Consultants, Happy Cog, The Chase, Flux Design, Dessein, Labbrand, Total Indentity Group, Litmus branding, Casa Rex, Brandient, ID&B and eat Creative.

Today, everything in the market has to be appealing to people. Therefore, with the help of graphic designing, the message can be conveyed in more creative way than the actual thing itself.

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***Disclaimer: This is just a career guidance video for fresher candidates. The name, logo and properties mentioned in the video are proprietary property of the respective companies. The career and job information mentioned are an indicative generalised information. In no way, indulges into direct or indirect recruitment process of the respective companies.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

Dave Skopera, Chief Creative Officer at Aztek, is responsible for all creative design, art direction, project planning and client relationships. He has helped make and launch hundreds (maybe thousands) of websites, print designs projects, ads, and anything else you can thing to make with Photoshop.

Dave has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Aztek, a Cleveland web design firm, specializes in custom web design and web application development.

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Best Photoshop Layout for Webdesign (Optimize Workflow)

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